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Press Releases

Follow In Their Footsteps. Come Face-to-Face with Their Raw Power. Your Prehistoric Journey Begins at Union Station!

Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America
World Premiere Exhibition to open June 30th only at Union Station
promises to educate, fascinate and excite imaginations of every age.

Kansas City, MO – June 29, 2018 – Union Station officials forecast tremendous public excitement for the June 30th world premiere of “Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America,” in the Station’s expansive Bank of America Gallery.

Guests will take part in an immersive journey through time to encounter dinosaurs from world-famous geologic dig-sites across North America.  Blending stunning, like-life and life-size animatronic dinosaurs (26 in all), actual fossils, full dinosaur skeletons, and interactive exhibits, Dinosaurs Revealed provides thought-provoking new insights regarding the latest dinosaur discoveries and how these amazing, prehistoric creatures ruled our planet for over 200 million years.

“We’re particularly excited about this exhibition,” George Guastello, president and CEO, Union Station Kansas City, said.  “And based on the overwhelming response received since we first announced this world premiere, there’s no end to the interest in dinosaurs and our prehistoric past.  To satisfy that interest, we’ve brought together expertise from around the world to present a unique and personalized look at dinosaurs that roamed very familiar territory . . . including our own backyards.  This is science and drama that played out right under our feet and in many ways it’s still hard to imagine.”

In the exhibition, guests will first orient themselves in the Hall of Skulls, then journey across America while passing through successive geologic periods in Earth’s history.  The Triassic, Jurassic & Cretaceous Periods are covered in hands-on detail. Visitors will see how the Earth’s geography and environment changed over time, and how dinosaurs evolved along the way.

The latest science regarding how dinosaurs actually looked, the sounds they made, and how they moved in their environments will be presented.  Guests will also learn where famous dinosaur dig sites currently exist in North America, and the work it takes to ‘reveal’ and recover fossilized remains.

And in the Paleontologist Hangout, guests will hear from experts about their fossil hunting expeditions and see what discoveries they’ve used to piece together unimaginable prehistoric drama.

Local Partnerships – International Expertise

“We’re extremely fortunate to have such renowned expertise so close to home,” Jeff Rosenblatt, Director of Exhibits – Science City, said.  “The University of Kansas Paleontological Institute and The University of Missouri – Kansas City’s school for geosciences and paleontology have world-class collections, knowledge and content that will give Dinosaurs Revealed a true local flavor.”

Pieces from these collections will supplement the vast presentation of dinosaur history and mystery.  Guests will be able to see actual bone to compare depth and size and learn how paleontologists retrieve, examine, and document their findings.

“We fully anticipate Dinosaurs Revealed to appeal to a wide and diverse audience,” Rosenblatt, said.  “School groups will build lessons and activities around this exhibition.  History buffs, armchair explorers and outdoor enthusiast will love the full range of experiences.  The notion of dinosaurs has such universal appeal, we know we’ll tap into and satisfy a very large and enthusiastic audience.”

At Dinosaurs Revealed, visitors of all ages will engage in interactive, dinosaur-themed science exhibits that combine both educational content and fun hands-on activities – from 3D Augmented Reality Volcano Tables to dinosaur dig-sites, interactive projection, dino tracks, puzzles, and more.

The Insatiable and Life-Long Fascination with Dinosaurs

Even as science refines dinosaur knowledge, there is so much more yet to discover. The remains of dinosaurs have been surfacing for millennia, and the humans who’ve come across them have felt compelled to come up with explanations to describe every aspect of their life and death.

So we dig, discover, study, discuss and fill in missing chapters.  We piece together the smallest and most fragile fragments of fossilized history and reform absolutely stunning creatures and circumstances.  The fascination never ends and now Kansas City and the entire region can be a part of it at Dinosaurs Revealed: Journey Across America . . . only at Union Station.

Tickets are now on sale with complete details at
Exhibit Hours and Prices

June 30th – Sept. 3rd Mon – Fri:  10 am – 6 pm | Sat: 10 am – 7 pm | Sun: 10 am – 5 pm
Sept. 4th – Jan. 6th Mon – Fri:  10 am – 5 pm | Sat: 10 am – 7 pm | Sun: 11 am – 5 pm

Member Price:  $12.50*
General Admission:  Weekday – $15* | Weekend – $17.95*
VIP Voucher: $20* (Adds flexibility to visit exhibition any time)
Groups: Adult – $12.50* | Child – $9* (Available for groups of 15 or more)
*Plus $1 Preservation Fee


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